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Domain Name Registrar — After using a few other companies, I transferred my existing domains to Dotster, bought some new ones from them, and that's where I've stayed. Nice price, nice site, nice service, nice features, and I've never had a problem with them. New domain names cost $14.95 per year. Domain names you already own can be transferred to Dotster for just $8.95, which includes a one-year extension (e.g. if your domain expires on May 5, 2003, transferring it to Dotster will extend the expiration date to May 5, 2004).

DNS Management — I wish I'd discovered ZoneEdit sooner! Easy DNS management, plus other related services (mail forwarding, URL forwarding, backup mail service, and more). It's completely free for up to five domains, and to manage more than 5 is very reasonably priced.

FutureQuest DreamHost

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