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  • Angelic Vamps - Angel and Spike, the night never looked so good.
       — ID: 877   URL:
       — Hits: 3030  Rating: 6.86  Votes: 7  Added: Mar 23, 2001
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  • Babes of Buffdom & Beyond, The - You want ze babes? I have ze babes! If you want the lowdown on the strong female characters, this is the site for you! If you want yummy pics, this is the site for you! If you want info on the actresses and their careers, projects, etc. then this is the site for you! And, oh, did I mention pics? Polls, pics, trivia, facts, and all kindsa stuff devoted to the babes of Buffy and Angel are here — so come along and drool!
       — ID: 2302   URL:
       — Hits: 2518  Rating: 5.50  Votes: 2  Added: Jun 18, 2002
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  • Fallen Angels - Information about the characters on BtVS and AtS that have fallen from 'grace' by going against their ethics and principles, but are trying to redeem themselves. Contains quotes, scenes, character histories, spoilers, interviews, images and lots more.
       — ID: 3004   URL:
       — Hits: 1183  Rating: 8.50  Votes: 2  Added: Mar 20, 2003
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  • Rogue's Gallery - This is a devotional site to the villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
       — ID: 772   URL:
       — Hits: 1702  Rating: 9.00  Votes: 1  Added: Feb 07, 2001
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  • Scooby Initiative, The - Pictures galleries and bios on regular characters, recurring characters and characters that have left, adoptions, fanfiction, polls and quizzes.
       — ID: 933   URL:
       — Hits: 2473  Rating: 7.00  Votes: 2  Added: Mar 31, 2001
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  • Who Watches the Watchers? - A web site dedicated to the finest the council has to offer, Giles and Wesley. The site offers actor & character bios, latest news, gallery and links.
       — ID: 1694   URL:
       — Hits: 1016  Rating: 7.25  Votes: 8  Added: Nov 10, 2001
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