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Tara's Bio
Amber's Bio

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Tara / Amber Benson

Tara's Bio

Tara Maclay, 21, was Willow's girlfriend, and she slowly became integrated into the gang after she began dating Willow in Season 4. Tara's mother died when Tara was 17, and Tara seemingly inherited her power as a witch. Tara's birthdate was roughly November 7, 1980. The Maclay family, an odd and old-fashioned bunch, have a family legend — designed to keep the womenfolk in line — that the female members turn into demons at age 20 or so. Thanks to Spike, Tara found out that this was a lie, after much agonizing about the demon she thought was inside her. Tara was shy and nervous around new people and tends to stutter when talking with them, but this usually faded once she got to know them. She helped the gang many times — most notably, she was the one who realized that Buffy was not Buffy when Faith took over Buffy's body; she also helped conjure the katra needed to switch the bodies back again. She helped Willow to further her witchy power, consequently boosting both their confidences and skill, and she owned a cat called "Miss Kitty Fantastico" (even though cats weren't allowed in the dorms). Tara had a single-study dorm where she and Willow, a very sweet and loving couple, spent a great deal of their time. In Season 5, Willow began started to outstrip Tara in magical prowess, which led to some tension between them, culminating in their first argument. When Willow stormed off, leaving Tara alone, Glory showed up and sucked out her sanity. Fortunately, Willow was eventually able to restore Tara's mind during the final fight with Glory. In Season 6, Willow continued to further her use of magic, and the two argued about whether Willow overusing it. After Tara found out that Willow had done a spell to make Tara forget their fight, the couple broke up. A few months later, after Willow had given up the use of magic entirely, they got back together, but very shortly thereafter, Tara was tragically shot and killed by Warren.

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Amber's Bio

Amber Benson, 46, started her acting career in her teens when she was involved in productions at the local community theatre, and studied singing and dancing as well as acting. Soon after this her family saw that she was serious about pursuing her chosen career, and they moved to Los Angeles, where she has enjoyed steady work ever since. Her previous movie credits were mostly as the "best friend" to the star. Among her credits are The Crush with Alicia Silverstone, Imaginary Crimes with Fairuza Balk and in Bye Bye Love as Eliza Dushku's (Faith) best friend. Her favorite food is tofu, and her favorite musician is Jeff Buckley. Amber lives with her mother and sister in LA.

Birthdate: January 8, 1977
Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama
Height: 5'4"
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Blond
Pets: A Dalmatian called Pennsylvania (Penny) and a "fat" cat called Benneton
Dating Status: Unknown

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