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  • BG Recommended (click for info)  The Dutch Slayer - On The Dutch Slayer you will find a huge photo album, every spell, song and episode gave their own guide so you can look everything up. Furthermore there are a lot of extras on the site such as: the making of, Xbox game, slayer history etc. All good reasons to take a look on The Dutch Slayer! This website is in Dutch, in the future we will translate everything in English so that both English and Dutch Buffy fans can enjoy this site!
       — ID: 4230   URL:
       — Hits: 16  Rating: 10.00  Votes: 11  Added: Jun 01, 2008
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  • Angel Buffy Charmed Part 2 - Club about Angel, Buffy, and Charmed with lots of pics and some multimedia.
       — ID: 2011   URL:
       — Hits: 325  Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0  Added: Mar 08, 2002
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  • Buffy + Kleine Hondjes - Hallo, mijn site is in het nederlands! Het is een msn-communitie, het gaat over Buffy, BB Anders, en nog veel meer. Er staan veel foto's en pagina's op. Hopelijk bevalt het je, en word je lid, want ik heb nog niet zoveel leden!
       — ID: 2585   URL:
       — Hits: 145  Rating: 6.50  Votes: 2  Added: Oct 24, 2002
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  • Buffy and The Scooby Gang - This is a site about Buffy and her scoobies, I hope you'll like it!
       — ID: 2629   URL:
       — Hits: 170  Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0  Added: Nov 10, 2002
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  • Buffy NL Library - Archives all FanFic related items that come by on a Dutch Buffy mailing list. Lots of Buffy and Angel fanfiction, the FF tip of the week and much more. Bi-lingual: Dutch and English versions.
       — ID: 541   URL:
       — Hits: 1739  Rating: 8.16  Votes: 58  Added: Nov 15, 2000
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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Guide - A Dutch homepage about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Full with pictures, info about players, music and books. And of course much more. Also includes an English version.
       — ID: 2332   URL:
       — Hits: 370  Rating: 8.45  Votes: 333  Added: Jun 22, 2002
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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dutch Fans - This is a Dutch BtVS fanclub, and we're truly one big happy family.
       — ID: 1885   URL:
       — Hits: 172  Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0  Added: Jan 06, 2002
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  • - A Buffy/Angel website featuring all kinds of information in the Dutch language, including information on how to buy merchandise via the internet, information about the one and only Dutch Buffy mailinglist, a guide to the two series and much more to keep fans from Belgium and The Netherlands happy.
       — ID: 122   URL:
       — Hits: 438  Rating: 7.85  Votes: 252  Added: Aug 22, 2000
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  • Real Buffy, The - Hier vindt je: episode guide, bio´s, spoilers, foto´s, bloopers en nog veel meer.
       — ID: 1835   URL:
       — Hits: 534  Rating: 8.47  Votes: 341  Added: Dec 23, 2001
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  • - Hereby I invite every Dutch Buffy fan to take a look at this new Buffy site. The site is written in Dutch and contains a lot of fun stuff, such as: a chatroom, cool links, character bios, pictures and a lot more. Especially for the Dutch fan! Come and take a look, you've got nothing to lose, do you? Hope to see you soon.
       — ID: 1548   URL:
       — Hits: 244  Rating: 7.40  Votes: 5  Added: Oct 08, 2001
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