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  • BG Recommended (click for info)  Beyond the End - A "Chosen"-related fanfic archive/site. Includes fanfiction about, relating to or following the BtVS series finale. Also includes fanart, quotes, articles, adoptions, unique character bios and more, all relating to the episode.
       — ID: 3185   URL:
       — Hits: 1352  Rating: 8.20  Votes: 5  Added: Jul 13, 2003
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  • Blood and Beers - Pubsite containing more Buffyverse drunkfic than you can shake a stick at. Anything, and I do mean anything goes, so long as the fic is a good 'un, and there's booze involved. Bar's open dusk til dawn, drinks are on the house. [Still maintained as of late 2007.]
       — ID: 2008   URL:
       — Hits: 814  Rating: 8.11  Votes: 207  Added: Mar 07, 2002
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  • Doomed - Story of a Vampire - An alternate universe fan fiction about the legendary Doomed Vampire, his allies, and making their way through school and life in the streets of San Francisco. The series begins during the summer of Sunnydale after the fourth season of Buffy...
       — ID: 1591   URL:
       — Hits: 591  Rating: 9.00  Votes: 14  Added: Oct 11, 2001
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  • Doyle Investigations - An alternate universe fan fiction series following the adventures of Doyle, Faith, and Wesley in the alternate reality of "The Wish/Doppelgangland."
       — ID: 507   URL:
       — Hits: 952  Rating: 8.37  Votes: 31  Added: Oct 29, 2000
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  • Shadow of the Slayer - An alternate universe fan fiction about a darker sixth season of Buffy that leads to the fall of Scoobies and Sunnydale. After the resurrection of the Slayer, the confrontation between Dawn and a struggling Buffy sends the lives of everyone around them spiraling into darkness...
       — ID: 2526   URL:
       — Hits: 821  Rating: 5.67  Votes: 3  Added: Sep 02, 2002
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  • When Hellmouths Collide - The Buffy/Hercules/Xena crossover. Buffy, Xander, Giles and Willow are accidentally sent through a dimensional doorway to a strange new world, where they run into our favorite pair of mythological heroes, Hercules and Iolaus. Together, they uncover Ethan Rayne's terrible plot against this world. Rated PG13.
       — ID: 345   URL:
       — Hits: 848  Rating: 8.11  Votes: 82  Added: Sep 14, 2000
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  • Wishverse Stories Index, The - An index to all the Wishverse related stories I have found on the net. Includes blurbs and direct links. This is not an archive.
       — ID: 284   URL:
       — Hits: 1998  Rating: 6.83  Votes: 6  Added: Sep 10, 2000
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