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  • BG Recommended (click for info)  Buffy and Spike Diaries pop - Large Buffy/Spike fanfic site, with over 2000 stories. Searchable by author, rating, title, recommended stories, unfinished, and more. also has a review feature and a "print a story" feature. Updated daily.
       — ID: 1512   URL:
       — Hits: 15218  Rating: 8.35  Votes: 71  Added: Oct 07, 2001
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  • BG Recommended (click for info)  Naughty Bits: Spike/Buffy fanfic by NautiBitz - Fun, literate fan fiction by NautiBitz that focuses primarily on Spike and Buffy and all the sex they like to have. Lots to read, including "In Heat", "Crash and Burn" and "A Bunny In The Oven". Plus: fic recs, S/B links, vids, desktop wallpapers and other naughty bits.
       — ID: 1244   URL:
       — Hits: 10625  Rating: 7.99  Votes: 949  Added: Jul 23, 2001
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  • Axis of Love - BtVS fan-fiction by Always_jbj and Q. Mostly Spuffy but also featuring the 'Heart's Breaking Even' Giles/Anya series as well as some character pieces. Many of the fics on this site contain bloodplay and most are rated NC-17 (so please don't read unless you are of appropriate age). I also have an ongoing drabble request so if you would like a drabble written for you please put your request in the form on the drabble page.
       — ID: 3680   URL:
       — Hits: 2494  Rating: 9.40  Votes: 31  Added: Oct 08, 2007
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  • Darkest Before the Dawn - Dawn's Buffy/Spike fanfiction, growing B/S fiction archive, art, and links.
       — ID: 2295   URL:
       — Hits: 5982  Rating: 10.00  Votes: 2  Added: Jun 06, 2002
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  • Darkwaif - Buffy and Spike site centered on fan fiction and graphics.
       — ID: 2650   URL:
       — Hits: 4410  Rating: 10.00  Votes: 3  Added: Nov 11, 2002
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  • Deluded - Deluded is a site that houses all of Jackie Abbott's fan fiction and helps spread the word about her published books.
       — ID: 3205   URL:
       — Hits: 1703  Rating: 9.71  Votes: 7  Added: Jul 13, 2003
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  • Passion 4 Spike - NC17. Adults only. Alternate universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer starting at the end of Season 2. Goes off canon during The Becoming, Part 2. Spike helps Buffy defeat Angelus, but there's a twist. Spike stays rather than leaving Sunnydale and, although many of the same enemies are faced that were faced in the show, the outcomes are often quite different. You'll find love, romance, sex, marriage, babies, fun, angst, tears and laughter. Work in progress, but there are over 30 Chapters so far and I'm adding constantly. If you want to see Buffy and Spike together, they get there fast in the Passion-4-Spike universe!
       — ID: 4358   URL:
       — Hits: 2359  Rating: 9.30  Votes: 27  Added: Mar 12, 2010
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  • Spuffy Awards - Awards for Spuffy fanfiction with special categories for Spuffy fantasy fanfiction AKA AU.
       — ID: 3016   URL:
       — Hits: 4068  Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0  Added: Mar 21, 2003
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  • Wednesday's Child - My own collection of mainly S/B fanfiction, plus a large list of links and recs for fics from other authors. Don't miss The Adventures of Mr. Gordo and the I Hate Angel Fanclub.
       — ID: 2128   URL:
       — Hits: 3572  Rating: 10.00  Votes: 1  Added: Apr 08, 2002
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