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Joss' Comments on the Move to UPN

All posts from the Bronze (the old official site's posting board) were obtained from the The Bronze VIP Posting Board Archives.


TV Guide Insider interview
April 26, 2001

Read it here.


At the Bronze
April 24, 2001

quick check in, with my morning tea, to see if you all have any questions. Not that I'll answer 'em. But I might. Maybe. If there's no math.


We don't know about Angel; we won't until the WB decides on their schedule. I'd like to keep the shows together but Angel can stand on its own. We'll see. Meanwhile, the papers sure were fun yesterday! Well, some of them were. Of course some guys took me out of context and made me sound kinda harsher even than I am. Plus a lot of false or skewed info from an unnamed WB 'source'. This ewhole thing is weird. I'm glad it's settling down. I don't like fighting in the press; it's ungentlemanly, and it takes away valuable procrastination time. I meant to say work.


Cream AND sugar.

Also want to make clear, the WB as a whole always treated the show with enormous respect. It was only the money guys (or guy) that failed to show that. The network itself is made up of cool guys.


Okay, couple more things. Yes. I will make my on-screen debut in Angel 21. No, I will not speak, and no, you will not see my face. But I will make my presence known! Just remember my watchword: Dignity. Always dignity.

Also: Next year, there WILL be a musical Buffy episode. I'm working on it already. And people, I'm warning you: it just might suck. But I'll do my best. I'm writing the songs and the script (And of course I'll shoot it). The one thing I know for sure is I got some great singers in my cast. It's gonna be the hardest thing we ever tried to pull off, and that INCLUDES the COMPLETELY UNSHOOTABLE episode 100 that nearly killed me.


The only thing that sounded really harsh in the press was the end of the L.A.Times piece with my comment on the possibility of the WB putting Angel up against Buffy. "That move is pure spite". I actually said "It's pure spite, and they're not spiteful, so they wouldn't do it." Small thing, but I only like to sound like Im attacking someone when I am.

Animated Buffy. It's first year at Sunnydale High. Willow loves Xander, Xander loves Buffy, Giles works in the library, Angel's a good vampire who has a banterish and burgeoning romantic vibe with Buffy. Cordy's a bitch. It's all the stories that happened in between. The great Jane Espenson (all bow before BAND CANDY) just turned in a script that I now must leave you to finish, 'cause if I say I overslept she'll say "You lie! You were posting!" (Though I might get some slack 'cuz of that 'all bow' thing).


gone now. Be well. More news as it comes.


At the Bronze
April 21, 2001

oKAY, SO, APART FROM JUST PRETTY MUCH GIVING THE color CODES AWAY, WHAT'D I DO TODAY? Talked to a bunch of reporters, mostly. About you know what, so I thought I'd better drop in and talk to you all about it.

We're movin'.

It's all true, we're moving to UPN, and what does this mean for you, the viewer?


Well, no, Buffy won't be wrestling. (Sadly.) She will be doing exactly the same thing she'd be doing on the WB. Why we're moving is a long and boring story that you all will no doubt get lots of from the entertainment pres, so I just wanted to let you know this: NOTHING is going to change except the number on your remote. We're still making the same eps, hopefully even at the same time. So if you're panicking, don't. And if you're not panicking, where's the love?


Okay, a couple of issues:

ANGEL: wwil it move as well? That depends on the WB, and we honestly won't know what they're gonna do until they do it. If the they drop it, UPN will put it on as a block with buffy, just like the old days. If not... well who knows where it'll be. I just know it'll be cool (we're already working out next year.)

THE WEB SITE: One of the first things I told the UPN execs about was the site. I don't know who finances/runs it exactly, but if it's WB based and they pull it, UPN has promised to have a new one up BEFORE that happens. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BRONZE. Hopefully we can just keep this site up but no matter what, we'll have a home.

MY SKIN CONDITION: Getting better. Really.


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