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"Mrs." Lyrics

Mr. Xander Harris
That's what he is to the world outside
That's the name he carries with pride
I'm just lately Anya
Not very much to the world, I know
All these years with nothing to show
I've boned a troll, I've wreaked some wrath,
But on the whole, I've had no path
I like to bowl, I'm good with math,
But who am I?
Now I reply
I'm the Mrs.
I will be his Mrs.
Mrs. Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins Harris
What's the point of loving
I mean except for the sweaty part
What's the point of losing your heart?
Maybe if you're lucky
Being a pair makes you twice as tall
Maybe you're not losing at all
No need to cover up my heart
Plus see above re: sweaty part
So maybe love is pretty smart
And so am I
I found my guy
And I'll be Mrs.
I will be his Mrs.
Mrs. Anya lame-ass-made-up-maiden-name Harris
We'll never part
Not if we can
And if we start
Then here's my plan
I'll show him what bliss is
Welcome him with kisses
'Cause this is a Mrs. who misses her man
He's my Xander and he's awfully swell
It makes financial sense as well
Although he can be
I'll never tell
Just stand aside
Here comes the bride
I'll be Mrs.
I will be his Mrs.
I will be...

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