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Inca Mummy Girl

It's culture shock time at Sunnydale High — the cultural exchange program has started. A South American boy named Ampata will be staying with Buffy for two weeks. She's not thrilled, and Xander's even less thrilled. At the museum, they see a 500-year-old mummy as well as local bad seed Rodney Munson. Rodney's idea of a good time, it seems, involves stealing the seal meant to imprison the mummy. In the process the seal breaks and the mummy awakens, reaching its desiccated arms out towards Rodney.

The next day Willow reports Rodney's disappearance, and Buffy and friends go to the museum to investigate. They find a broken part of the ceramic seal, and a guy with a knife who tries to kill them. He runs away after looking at the mummy, however, and then Willow points out that mummies generally don't have braces — it's not the mummy in the coffin, it's Rodney! But solving this problem will have to wait, because Buffy's way late for picking her exchange student up at the bus depot. Too late, as it turns out, for a female voice has lured the boy behind a bus, where a mummified figure grabs and kisses him.

Buffy and crew arrive at the depot Buffy arrives at the depot calling for Ampata, but finds not a boy but a beautiful young girl answering to that name. Xander is smitten. While Buffy and Giles are busy trying to decipher the piece of the seal they found at the museum, Xander is busily falling in love with the exotic beauty, as Willow unhappily watches. Then, in the school bathroom, the knife-wielding guy from the museum shows up, trying to convince Ampata to give up this attempt at life and to go back to being mummified. She refuses, instead choosing to kiss the guy, sucking his life out and extending her own.

Giles decides the only way to find the missing mummy is to get the rest of the seal, and for that he needs Buffy's help, so it looks like she won't be able to go to the cultural exchange dance at the Bronze that night. Xander takes Ampata — a real live date! Poor Willow looks on, heartbroken, as Xander and Ampata grow ever closer during the dance. (But Oz, the band's guitarist, seems to have taken a shine to Willow.) Buffy and Giles come to the realization that Ampata is the missing mummy, a realization bolstered by the discovery of a mummified corpse in Ampata's trunk. They head off to the Bronze to try to warn Xander, who is dancing with Ampata and doesn't notice her hand shriveling.

Ampata finds a hapless victim, but before she can renew herself, they are interrupted by Xander and the victim runs away. Desperate, she tries to take what she needs from Xander, but she can't — she loves him. She runs off to the library instead, sensing that Giles is about to re-assemble the seal. Buffy and Willow find Xander dazed from the almost-kiss and follow Ampata to the museum, where she tries to kiss Willow. Xander won't let her though — he insists that if she's gonna take someone's life, she take his. She tries, but Xander holds back. The mummy dries up and dies before their eyes, and Xander is once again left to contemplate his questionable taste in dates.


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